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The art of stimulating the energy channels of the body (meridians) that are associated with internal organs.. This enhances and unblocks natural energy flows.

  1. First Visit $100

  2. Follow-up $80

Acutonics (Sound Therapy)

Following a consultation, a unique session is experienced using tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, bells and reiki to balance the meridians, clear chakras and balance emotions.

  1. 50 min. $85


Reiki is a healing technique using energy vibrations.  The term “Reiki” is a Japanese word mean-ing Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki).  It is used to bring a blissful state of harmony.

  1. 50 min. $75


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic use of suggestions to change patterns, phobias and enhance skills. 

  1. First Visit $125

  2. Follow-Up $75


Nutritional Analysis

Following an extensive informational questionnaire a report on imbalances in the system is provided followed by muscle testing to confirm the appropriate vitamins and herbs necessary.

  1. $85

Home and Office Blessings

A ceremony based upon the intentions of the owner to establish peace, harmony and balance.  

  1. varies 

Corporate Chair Massage 

10 to 20 minute massages provided in your office. 

Rates are based upon time or number of employees.  This is a wonderful treatment focusing on neck and shoulders.

  1. Call for estimate

Infant Massage Instruction

  1. Call for details


Specialty Treatments

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