Our Services

Acu-Point Facial 

Warm herbal compresses are applied followed by an herbal scrub and masque. 

Acupressure points help increase circulation and restore facial skin tone.

  1. 30 Min $40

  2. 50 min. $65            

European Facial

Traditional European facial is enhanced with deep pore cleansing, extractions and mask application. Balances, tones and moisturizes.

  1. 70 min. $85

Acne Facial

Acne clearing facial includes a skin analysis, acne cleanser and complexion clearing mask. Home care kit recommended.

  1. 50 min. $85


Vitamin C or Triple Oxygen Facial 

These therapeutic facials are excellent for sensitive, hormonal and dehydrated skin. An excellent anti--aging treatment. Trial home kits available.

  1.   70 min. $95

Exfoliation Peels

Skin that benefits from lactic, glycolic or salycilic are acne, pigmentation, rosacea, and aging skin.  You’ll notice  smoother  radiant skin.  Best results in a series. 

50 min. $95

  1. Brow Design                  $15 - $25       

  2. Lip or Chin                    $12           

  3. Neck or Cheeks             $15 - $25   

  4. Full Face                         $45 - $65


Skin Care & Waxing

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