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Slimming Wrap

Designed to detoxify and drain the lymphatic system.  Completely invigorate your body! Decreases tension and improves circulation.  Great weight loss results in a series. 

  1. $129.00  Or Series of: 4 $436

Lymphatic Drainage

Congestion of lymphatic system results in swelling, pain and toxicity .  Cupping and specially designed strokes help release and drain those lymph nodes.

  1. 50 min. $85

Organic Sugar Body Polish 

This treatment cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving only soft, glowing, youthful skin. An excellent addition to any wrap.

  1. 50 min. $65

Ionic Foot Spa

The powerful natural forces at work in the ionic spa are extremely gentle on your system and can be used with confidence in conjunction with most health regimens. 

  1. 30 min. $45            

Series available


Stress Relieving Back Treatment

Begins with a  cleanse, exfoliation and massage. The final application is a grape seed mask. Great for muscle tension. High in antioxidant.

  1. 60 min. $95

Ear Candling

Used throughout history as a low cost, effective means of relieving many discomforts of the ear. 

Soothing for swimmers ear, hay fever, sinuses and Candida.

  1. $30     

Spa Reflexology

This treatment begins with warm towels soaked in essential oils to relax feet and increase circulation.  A foot scrub is followed by an acupressure foot massage. 

  1. 30 min. $45

  2. 50 min. $65


Holistic Spa Treatments

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